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About Us

Welcome to aDatingnet.com, one of the top Free singles sites on the web today. Our site is designed to help you find your 'special' person. Just complete the quick registration, and your personal ad will be there to be browsed by hundreds of users daily. With our new design, you can contact other singles even easier than before! Just log on to explore! You can search singles, browse the profiles, create a blog and enjoy being part of the community that is aDatingnet.com. You can edit your profile at any time without "days" of delay waiting for approval! You can now comment on another users wall. Think they're hot? Send them a 'rose'. Just want to flirt? Send a wink. Want to get to know them better? You can send a private message. All for Free! aDatingnet.com constantly strives to improve your on-line dating experience.

Our free singles dating site was established to help singles meet - for free. There is never a charge to use our totally free singles service. There are many free American dating sites that offer the same features as us, but we still believe that our service is a cut above because you can chat, comment, privately message or gift - for free!

Whether you're searching for a potential mate in your own town or across the world, aDatingnet.com will be your 'silent partner'. Our free site has many features to help you find your mate. When you click to search, you're given options of a specific state in the US, or you may choose from a long list of countries. Or you can leave the option blank to pull up every single within your search parameters. Imagine sending a lovely rose to a beautiful woman in an exotic place - or getting a friendly note from a handsome man next door. The world is at your fingertips here on aDatingnet.com. 

aDatingnet.com has a Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy.  Please take some time to read them. It helps you and helps us also. Basically, the TOS and Privacy Policy of our free singles site is about the rules and policies you must follow when becoming a member. Rest assured that aDatingnet.com does not sell, rent or in any way share your personal information with any advertiser. Your e-mail address remains PRIVATE. We do not share that with others users or advertisers. Please remember that you are putting your information on the internet. The computer may be in your living room or office, but that doesn't mean you want *everybody* on the other side of the screen in your living room. Please use common sense when sharing your personal information with other users. It is also strongly suggested that you read our Dating Scams page. We want your experience to be a good, safe experience. Just like you wouldn't take risks in "real life", you should also not "take risks" with your internet life. Your vigilance will help keep aDatingnet.com a fun, safe experience for everybody.

This service is provided to you free of charge - so please help us help you (and other users) by reporting any illegal activity that you see on this site, such as posting false or stolen photos, posting email address or URLs on the profile, or soliciting business. We strive, daily, to improve this site. It's what we do and we need and appreciate your help with it. There is a "Report User" link on each personal profile (bottom right), you only need to click on that link to report suspicious activity to us. If another user asks you for money for any reason, please use the 'report' button and save the e-mail. We DO pay attention, and do everything in our power to remove proven scammers.

Thank you for visiting us today. We hope you will find a beautiful single woman or man from our totally free single Website. You should check us back for updates. We have new singles every day. Good luck and have a great time surfing at this free dating service for singles and personals.