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Posted on 04/20/2009

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Hello one and all. Let me start off by saying that I am an easy very outgoing guy who enjoys life, and smiling every day, friendly and easy to get along. like meeting new people. like to laugh and have fun and can be serious when the time to be.my match some one like me who like sports working out and traveling and dancing like to read and grow to gather. I am not a sloppy person. I consider myself an adventurous and outgoing person. During my off hours I like going to sporting events (Dodgers/Lakers/Kings though it is not a focal point in my life) as well as playing them, movies, fine dining (Italian first) and taking the occasional spontaneous road trip (up the Coast, Vegas etc). I can also be just as contented staying at home reading or watching T.V. I love all types of music especially Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues. I feel that life should be experienced and enjoyed. To me there is no such thing "as been there done that" especially if you are with someone who has never experienced what's going on, then that makes it just as cool and fun for you the second time around. I am at my happiest when I take a woman somewhere she has never been and she is thoroughly enjoying herself. I generally go where the current takes me. If I meet someone that, after time, becomes that perfect female for me and I for her, then that's when things should start rolling. But at the beginning let's feel each other out (you know what I mean). I like having fun but I am respectful.When it comes down to my match the only thing I am looking for is that you have to want to do something in life (an aspiration or two), willing to take things one step at a time. Remember this is all about having fun, life and dating that is. If we are lucky enough to find each other and we are really into each other, we should go for it. And believe me, when I say if we get to that point, I won't hold back. Oh yeah, and being a partial weekend warrior wouldn't hurt either :)..If you would like to get to know me better,.Email me or Wink at me.

I am very generous and like helping people. Sometimes they call me Mr Softy coz i will help and never say no to any stranger who ask for my help.Maybe that is why i am lucky.But i like saving for the future. I always work hard and very organize at home and in the office. I love my job and i love people in general. I like studying for me you never too old to learn new things.EDUCATION is very important to me. My favourite clothes are denim jeans specially when i travel or on holiday, I have a plain beauty and don't wear a lot

About Who i am looking for..You are smart, pretty, sexy, sensual, adventurous, curious, honest, authentic, committed, tenacious, open, passionate. You have a high level of self awareness and you place importance on being consistent inside and out. You are living life to experience joy, not to avoid pain. You're looking for someone with whom you can openly share your desires, secrets, fears, fantasies and know you will be loved and accepted. You take care of your body because you want to not because you want to stay in shape to "catch" a man.
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