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Posted on 06/13/2011

I am:
Seeking a:
United States
Boca Raton
If I had to write a newspaper personal it would most likely read like this: 
Handsome, cultured, Passionate, clever, hilarious, uninhabited, impulsive, intellectual, who is well endowed, with a marathon tongue, seeks beautiful woman in a long term committed relationship, for the purposes of making boyfriend/husband insanely jealous flirt seeks same for thrills, chills and romance. Multiple Orgasm training included at no extra charge. You may say I’m your perfect balance of light and dark, difference is I know it, embrace it, and use it to my benefit. 

For Example, I’m a selfish PRICK! 
Good looking, successful, with an amazing personality; young enough to do it, yet old enough to do it right. I don’t smoke & I'm lots of fun but I don’t have time for petty drama or emotional hysterics. I’m intelligent and well educated and honestly don’t care what others think of me. I do and say what I please, when I please, how I please; but you’ve most likely discerned that about me by now. 

At the same time, I’m a hopeless romantic.
Star Gazing, long walks on the beach, devotedly lost in the eyes of the woman I care for while at every aching moment yearning to embrace her and letting myself go engulfing myself in the air of her essence. 

I’m humbly blessed with a set of Hershey pure dark chocolate eyes that I’ve been told pierce the soul, but I use only to admire the dance that light has with darkness. Pink lips that open to sooth the soul with my unique vocal styling (yes I can sing and enjoy it very much). Smile that employs perfectly pristine pearls that diffuse any situation, and of course two craters on the sides of my face I call dimples; I’m simply impossible to resist

I AM a Writer, Dreamer, Poet, Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, Singer, Producer, Student, Mentor, Performer, Truth Seeker, Love Sage, Vocal Nazi, Brother, Son, Romance Architect, über Lefty-LIBERAL, and Best friend.

Music is an integral part of my life. Not only do I enjoy seeing live local bands and concerts, but I’m also a performer. I’m most at home on a stage singing and projecting emotions on to anyone who listens. In addition I also work with some aspiring artists. My diverse music taste ranges from top-40 to the wilderness of show tunes.

I love songs rather than individual artists, case and point the great Michal Jackson was amazing in his run but also made “WAZUPWITYOU” with Eddie Murphy (Disturbing).

I’ve been called many things in my life, Mentor, friend, foe, stubborn, easy going, a great listener, musical progeny, Vocal Nazi, and most recently – architect of moments. I especially like the last one because I guess it’s really true. I mean even now as I am writing this I have some candles glowing, while some slow jams play in the background and my glass of Pinot Noir is on my desk; I’m just letting the love sages know that I’m ready for some great memories and my next awesome love. 

What I seek in a Woman? 
SHE IS: A strong movement in the world. She has a quiet power and an obvious regal nature about her. She has a way that intoxicates, excites, empowers, and that’s just in a glance from her eyes. Basically she is a beauty with Sass, Class, and a bangin’ Ass. She is a lady who carries herself with poise and flare as she does her day to day with ease. She has a perpetual temperature that goes from cold porcelain to hot steel and can fan a fire with a quick sachet of her walk. She is the kind of woman you want in your bedroom when you are sick and in your bed when you’re not. She is sweet-smelling, coy, cunning, voluptuous, sumptuous, voracious, delicious, pernicious, vexing, and sexing. She is an earthly ethereal rebel queen, arouser and carouser of desire, Goddess and priestess of the temple of my heart; or something like that. 

All the passion, excitement, firework or a moment all for the mere price of a conversation.

So shall we dress up for a night on the town or head to a local dive bar to see whose playing, or maybe a stroll downtown and watch street performers, people watching, or share a scone at a local café. 

Now doesn't that sound a hell of lot better than anything these little shits can write to you talkin’-bout' "oo-oo-baby, you look so good, can I get a taste" BULLSHIT!

Up for a challenge? hit me up!
Body type:
6' 2"
Living Situation:
Social Setting:
Comic Relief, Social Butterfly, The life of the party
TV Watching:
TiVo is my best friend, Sitcoms
Tagalog, Spanish, French, English
Home and Family
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:
Not sure
Professional Life
Some College
Employment Status:
Banking / Financial Services / Real Estate
$50,000 to $74,999
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Very liberal
Sense of Humor:
Dry / Sarcastic, Clever / Quick Witted
Playing Music, Crafts, Cooking, Travel, Theater, Religion, Photography, Listening to Music, Movies, Dining, Dancing, Community Service, Arts
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