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Posted on 08/02/2013
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I am looking to talk to submissive/slave who are looking for real life full time live in situation. Please be fairly mobile as I will ask you to move with me. I will consider friends, play partners and the sort but it is not my goal. I am a relaxed, kind and caring Master. I am a supportive person and see the situation between a Master and sub/slave as a relationship. This relationship has to be based on something real, trust and love will be the cornerstone! If I just wanted kinky sex I'd be out at the bars picking up dirty bar fly's. I need a woman who knows the difference between fantasy and reality. No, you can't move in after a week of chatting... No I will not play with you without a full discussion of safety. There is a fine line between using pain to extend the bounds of pleasure and the use of pain in discipline. Can I tell you what I will do to punish you? No, not until I know you. Compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment! If you don't understand this please inquire. If you do not agree, please look elsewhere. When you submit to me... I see it as a gift. I do not take that gift lightly. I will cherish and mold you into the best person you can be. I demand the best out of people. When you reach your best... Then and only then will I accept you as fully mine. I will show you humor, kindness, and warmth. I will also show you that my guidance and tutoring is knowledgeable and deserving of your attention. I am a man who will teach you more than just the lifestyle. I will teach you how to lead a good life. I want to be your mentor. I want you to be someone who I can bring to the edges of your envelope and gently show you the inner courage you possesses to reach great heights. Just as I will depend on you as my sub, you will be able to come to me with your concerns and depend on me being there for you. What can you expect when you are mine: - As a stern and demanding Dominant, I will have your full body and mind with in my control. As a submissive I will never ask you to put me before your career, or family, just to satisfy my own pleasure. As a slave you will have different requirements, but I still expect family and responsibility to be a big part of your life. I am romantic and will be protective of you. If anyone treats anything that I own with disrespect, I take it personally and will handle it accordingly. As a subordinate you will break the rules... you will at one point need to be disciplined. This discipline will be used to show you that I do not approve of what you've done. You will comply not because of the discipline but because you trust in me and my decisions and want me to be happy. I will not punish you for without reason. Remember there is a fine line.
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